Taylor Smith – Donation Towards A New Wheelchair

Our first donation was £500 towards the purchase of a special wheelchair. Taylor Smith was diagnosed with childhood dementia at 18 months old.

Despite his illness, Taylor learned how to walk and talk and reached his childhood milestones. Sadly as time has gone on he has regressed and can no longer talk, his balance is impaired and his cognitive skills are greatly reduced. While we were there Taylor suffered a petit mal seizure.

Taylor’s house is in the process of being converted so that his bedroom and a wet room are downstairs. He is going to get a medication peg inserted into his stomach because he can no longer swallow medication.

The wheelchair will support him when he has seizures, will be manageable for his mother and will give him mobility as his condition worsens.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported Butterfly Hugs – you are making it possible for people in our locality to be supported during difficult times.

Here is the Evening Mail article explaining his story.


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